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On 17.09.22, a Doors Open Day was held at our Rozino Organic Farm.  

During the event, all those present got acquainted with the "Path of our milk" , walking on the territory of the entire farm. They saw a lot of our animals and even fed apples to the roe deer. The guests had the opportunity to buy our organic dairy products, organic beef and ice cream. The biggest enthusiasts, and they were not few, also participated in our workshops dedicated to various topics related to our production.

During their visit, the guests were able to learn about our philosophy, eco initiatives, work model and process of recycling, composting and utilization of organic waste. With our entire sustainable work model, which is based on the principle of protecting the environment, moving to the idea of improving it.

We were also able to understand how within a year we overcome and recover from fires, droughts, heat, floods and torrential rains, continuing to move forward and upward.


This Doors Open Days was the last of the year and it was for a cause!


We will donate all funds collected from purchased products offered at the farm to the people who suffered from the floods that happened on September 2, in the villages in the area (Bogdan village, Karavelovo village, Slatina village), because we want them to feel our support and help them to deal with the consequences, to feel human attention and attitude. This area needs attention not only from politically interested people, but also from the ordinary once.

Thank you all for the support!

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