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During your stay with us, you will taste our homemade temptations, for which handmade yellow cheese, mozzarella, bura, strachatela, cheese, Jersey cow's milk, buffalo milk, yogurt, meat, seasonal organic fruits and vegetables are used. The menu items are selected to the smallest detail of all animal and plant production on the farm, which is used for processing only in our sites. Vegetables and fruits that are not fit for consumption go to feed the animals on the farm or are composted in composters made by us. Thus, by closing the production circle, we manage to offer you ready meals and desserts as a final product and we manage to preserve all the organic matter on our land. 


  • Water: We recommend tap water from our water source, which springs from the Balkan Mountains. Water purification goes through six stages to acquire a unique taste.  

  • Tea: We offer a special selection of cold and hot tea with herbs grown on site.

  • Coffee: As members of the SCA (Specialty Coffee Association), our coffee is 100% Arabica from various small farms in Ethiopia, Kenya, Uruguay, Nicaragua. We prepare it using espresso machines, manual espresso machine and alternative coffee: Kalita  

  • Soft drinks: Lemonade and raspberry, drinking yogurt, kefir, prepared on site

  • Alcoholic beverages: Organic wine from Bulgarian producers and local bottled wine from Chateau Copsa

Through the application of this successful implementation scheme we manage to:

  • Minimize the generation of packaging that turns into garbage and becomes one of the main pollutants today; 

  • Drastically reduce carbon emissions from the transport of raw materials and finished products;

  • Create sustainable development and flexibility in the production of different types of products depending on demand and seasonality.

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