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About the Farm

Rozino Organic Farm was established in 2014 and is located in the Rose Valley between Klisura and Rozino. It can be reached by a picturesque sub-Balkan road. The lands are within the scope of the Natura 2000 Progarm and are part of the Central Balkan Biosphere Park - between the mountains Stara Planina and Sredna Gora. 

Initially, the land was in a difficult ecological condition and the existing farm structures were in a miserable condition. Our great love for nature and animals made us to create a place that fully meets the generally accepted norms and standards for ecology and animal welfare. During the whole construction and reconstruction we used only recycled materials.   

 Our overall concept for economic development is focused on:  


  • Establishment of an organization for sustainable organic farming using good agricultural practices and permaculture.

  • Building a good image of the Rose Valley in Bulgaria.

  • Promotion of agricultural activity to the younger generation.

  • Building trust among consumers through direct contact.

  • Development of eco / rural tourism in Bulgaria.

  • Protection and preservation of the environment,  maintenance of buffer zones, areas in riparian zones and forests against illegal logging.


  • Maintenance of water supply area and available water sources.

  • Prohibition on the use of convection household chemicals in maintaining cleanliness.

  • Maximum composting of all organic residues.

  • Maintenance and enrichment of the biodiversity of the flora and fauna in the region.

  • Refusal to use disposable plastic and non-recyclable packaging.

  • Fighting erosion and acidification of areas through gentle tillage.

Activities we perform in order to manage a sustainable business are:  

  • We provide environmentally friendly living conditions, minimizing the negative impact on the environment, through the introduction of a system for rotary pastures while keeping all the animals on the farm.

  • Minimize the generation of packaging that turns into garbage and becomes one of the main polluters nowadays.

  • Recovery of generated organic waste and compostable packaging from own production, through composting carried out on the farm.

  • Annual planting of trees and shrubs in buffer zones, in order to preserve the normal habitat of flora and fauna, as well as reduce soil erosion.

  • Year-round care and protection of endangered species of birds, insects and animals living in the area.

  • Reduction of carbon emissions from the transport of raw materials and final products.

  • Development and increase of the production of agricultural and livestock production in parallel with the development of commercial sites, according to market demand.

  • Permanent organization of training events in order to promote the activity and sustainable practices in business.


Our farm has a Bio Certificate.

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