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We take care of our residents, so we warn you that on the farm:


  • Smoking is strictly forbidden. There are 2 separate places for this purpose, and we will introduce them to you in advance; In case of smoking in the rooms or in places that are not marked, a surcharge of 10% will be imposed on the entire package price.

  • Pets (cats, dogs, rodents, parrots, birds and reptiles, lizards, turtles and fish) are not allowed.

  • We take care of our animals according to a certain regime, it is forbidden to feed them with food other than the one provided for that.

  • The use of drones and other types of devices that can frighten animals and disturb their peace, as well as cause any harmful effects on our inhabitants, is prohibited on the farm.  

  • It is forbidden to use devices with laser beams , those that cause lightning, the use of lanterns, as well as any kind of pyrotechnic devices (fireworks, pirates, fireworks).  

  • At night, the use of lanterns and floodlights over 500 lumens is for its intended purpose only. It is forbidden to illuminate the eyes of animals with them.

  • All ball games are forbidden , as this can scare the animals.  

  • It is forbidden to throw objects and stones at the animals, as well as to release kites on the farm.

  • It is forbidden to make loud noises from toys and equipment.

  • It is forbidden to carry on the farm any type of weapon: cold throwing weapon (crossbows, bows, returning and non-returning boomerangs), frisbees, slingshots, firearms, pneumatic weapons (air).

  • Children under the age of 16 are not allowed unaccompanied on the farm.  

  • When visiting the farm, each parent is fully responsible for their child / children.  

  • The import of external food and alcohol is not allowed. In case of violation, a surcharge of 10% will be imposed on the entire package price.

  • Prohibited consumption of cooked food in accommodation (does not apply to accommodation in the Beekeeper's House).

  • The consumption of food is carried out by means of a buffet table, as everyone serves and serves his own dishes in the designated places.

  • People with campers and caravans are not allowed on the farm. (We believe that the way of living in this type of accommodation is not very ecological, due to the use of chemicals for hygiene).  

  • It is forbidden to park on lawns owned by the farm and on unfenced lawns that are close to the farm.


In case of violation of any of the above rules, each visitor must leave the farm. 

The costs incurred are not refundable and the reservation is automatically canceled.

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