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Zerostar Eco-Hotel Rosino. The "zerostar" category derives from our maxim that we are firmly on the ground, preferring the stars to remain in the sky for all. 

Our hotel, in addition to having a specific format of accommodation, is one of the stops on the road to the milk.

We welcome people who are interested in a healthy lifestyle, nature, architecture and design, ice cream, cheese and dairy products, which we offer to spend a weekend or more with us, being sustainable, environmentally friendly and generate as little waste as possible in one of the most beautiful farms in the Rose Valley.  

Staying at the Lattel Hotel, you have the opportunity to enjoy not only an active holiday in the fresh air of the Balkans and the unique climate of the Rose Valley, which is located at the same latitude as the Italian region of Tuscany and French Provence, but also to touch the Bulgarian traditions in making milk and dairy products by an environmentally friendly method.

  • We only receive guests when we are not engaged in other types of regular activities, such as: preparing pastures for our animals, collecting organic hay and organic alfalfa when weeding our gardens and when we finish preparing for sowing and the winter season). For these reasons, we cannot take the time necessary for you unless we have confirmed this in advance. We fully understand that you have seen good photos and traveled from afar (from all over Bulgaria), eager to visit us on the spot, but we have daily commitments regarding our large number of pets that we can not leave without care and food. 

  • You should be aware that the hotel is located on a working farm. Accordingly, if you are worried about getting up early from the sounds of a rooster, peacock lunches, if cows have a stronger "perfume" for you, you are afraid of a marathon with geese and do not tolerate lactose, you better enjoy our farm than our Instagram page and when passing on a sub-Balkan road, pass by… We recommend another nice place - Lift Sopot, where you can enjoy perfect views, peace and quiet. 

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